Mueller Corporation

Incentive Merchandise & Digital Solutions


The Mueller Corporation was challenged in how to communicate the company’s safety message and strengthen its Safety Culture. Knowing the importance of keeping their employees engaged, they sought an incentive program that encouraged employee interaction while also reinforcing their safety message.


Proforma developed a web-based platform that awards and tracks points values earned by employees who demonstrate safe behaviors. Mueller can pre-determine point values for safety behaviors and practices. The platform houses quizzes that are scored instantaneously upon completion. Employees are given a set number of points for completing quizzes.  Points are “cashed in” for incentives and prizes the employees select for themselves.

The program also serves as a communication center for supervisors and employees to post and discuss safety tips and reminders. The safety incentive program proved to be an end-to-end solution for Mueller. Our company handles all customer service, fulfillment, and satisfaction of incentive orders. This allows Mueller to concentrate on what they do best without worry.


Today Mueller can track and measure the results of their safety program.