R.M. Rose

Digital Marketing


R.M. Rose was once the largest producer of whiskey in the world. Then came prohibition. Now, nearly 100 years and many new competitors later, R.M. Rose was re-launching a brand of distilled whiskey; so they turned to the leader in Brand Recognition and asked Proforma to manage the launch.


Branding - Understanding the value of a consistent look and feel, Proforma started out tackling this project simply by first studying the brand and the market. One of the first things that became obvious was that brand standards and priorities needed to be designed and established since everything from 100 years ago was not cohesive. Priorities: Everything old was new again, modern vintage, hand-crafted and traditional, iconic.

Digital Marketing and Product Support - We then planned a digital marketing strategy that coincided with the building of the stills and the distillery. We made recommendations on products that we thought would best suit the demographics of their gift shop as well as online marketplace and presented our designs. Once approved, Proforma then built the edgy e-commerce site to market promotional products that complemented and celebrated their brand. We also helped R.M. Rose identify and procure a point of sale system that would handle all distribution points.

Social Media - Proforma launched a social media campaign to build awareness of the R.M. Rose brand being resurrected after 100 years. R.M. Rose connected and interacted with customers through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; bringing awareness as well as drawing business to the distillery. Demand for the whiskey in retail stores preceded its availability.


R.M. Rose has bridged a 100 year gap in time to re-establish itself as a producer of hand-crafted whiskeys, not an easy market to break into. A brand face-lift, a digital marketing strategy, a social media campaign, and an online store and onsite distillery gift-shop with quality, trending merchandise, established R.M. Rose in this marketplace as a true contender, so that the founders could focus on their calling: making great whiskey.