Document Management, Digital Printing, & eCommerce


Ryder, a leading provider of innovative supply chain and fleet solutions, was looking for a solution to their document management needs. They turned to Proforma for creative ideas that would track everything from inventory levels and value to the number of orders, sales, shipping times and new forms developed in a given month.


We recommended a document management program that would manage both business forms and commercial printing while also tracking sales, shipping sales and other data. This is done through inventoried goods, Print on Demand, and traditional web printing. We also offered to track and report on cost savings and benchmarks on a monthly basis. With Proforma’s Total Program Management, Ryder executives can focus on their growing company without worrying about the numbers. We take care of everything.


From time to time, we will also do another form of measurement. We like to know that our services are meeting the needs of our clients. Since Ryder has 1,500 field offices that order from our company, we decided to send out a customer service survey to get feedback on ways that we can improve. Out of the 400 that were sent (faxed to the field office along with their order acknowledgment when they placed an order), Ryder received approximately 100 faxed back to them in a two-week time period – which is a pretty amazing response! Ryder reported to us that 95% of the results were extremely favorable. Some respondents even took the time to add comments about the high level of service we are providing.

You might ask WHY do all of this? The answer is really quite simple. All of these statistics and data make it much easier for Proforma’s liaisons at Ryder to go to their boss at the end of the two-year contract and say, “Look at the great things Proforma has done for us.”