Major Logistics and Supply Chain Management Company 

Apparel Program & Digital Catalog


A major logistics and supply chain management company was looking for a WBENC Certified Supplier Partner to create a digital catalog that could integrate with ARIBA to provide logoed apparel to their corporation and its employees. Proforma Global Sourcing recognized a great opportunity to collaborate with a strong, multi-billion dollar company long-term. Their RFP spelled out the need for an eCommerce solution that would allow employees to purchase apparel and other branded merchandise. Knowing the logistics company had strict requirements for both, we knew it would take a lot of creativity to win the bid.


Backed by the number one promotional products company in North America, our company proposed more than 300 high-end apparel options and promotional products for the client to choose from for its corporate image. Once the logistics company approved the items, we moved forward with building the digital catalog along with all images of the merchandise. Our company then integrated its’ technology with ARIBA to bridge the gap in the ordering process. This allowed for a seamless solution from order entry, to order confirmation, to order shipping and to order billing.


The clients selected 351 of the product suggested by our company. The products are available for employees to purchase on the custom-built eCommerce site. The $2 million opportunity served as a launching pad for a strong, continuously growing partnership between the major logistics and supply chain management company and Proforma. Five years later, we are still servicing the client and expanding their services with non-catalog special requests.