What We Believe

Proforma Global Sourcing believes in the management and coordination of environmental, social, and financial demands and concerns to ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing success.

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We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce that supports collaboration. We foster an environment where our workforce is a place where employees are considered productively employed and are given plenty of opportunities for professional growth and career development. The goal of our company is to establish profitability over the long term.

Our management philosophy is that a profitable business is much more likely to remain stable and continue to operate from one year to the next. From this perspective, we make sure the business has a future and continues to contribute to the financial welfare of our clients, our employees, and to our community.


Our vendors are important to us. Supply chain sustainability is a holistic perspective of supply chain processes and technologies that go beyond the focus of delivery, inventory, and traditional views of cost. Our philosophy is based on a commonly accepted principle that socially responsible products and practices are not only good for the environment but are also important for long-term profitability.

In practice, our supply chain sustainability includes the reduction of energy costs and any form of waste as well as applying “green” technologies within transportation and logistics networks. This involves a deeper level of collaboration with external supply chain partners to reexamine delivery methods, products, packaging, and measurement systems.

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We believe true sustainability encourages the responsible use of resources. It involves not only making sure that our company is making a profit, but that our operation is not creating environmental concerns that could cause harm to the balance of the local ecology. By being mindful of the impact of the operation on the local community, our company is able to choose manufacturers that are more environmentally friendly.

In the long run, attention to these types of details has the potential to increase our client base and improve its chances of remaining a viable operation for a longer period of time.

In addition, our manufacturing partners have worked hard to achieve certifications/accreditation, including:

  Quality Certification Alliance (QCA)
  Forest Sterwardship Council (FSC)
  Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)
  Fair Labor Association (FLA)
  Environmentally Preferred Rating (EPR)

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